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Zero Impressions

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Hi, i’m really looking for some guidance and advice. My impressions have quite literally dropped to zero overnight. My usual impressions on pins is anything between 50k-600k and any new pin I currently post just stays at 0. The pins I have posted a few days prior are still getting saves etc but it’s like i’ve been shadow banned. Has this happened to anyone else and how did you solve it? I would hate to see my account close especially with my reach previously being so high. Please help. Thank you. 

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I will respond since nobody here has the time. Anyway, I’ve been having problems with my impressions since I opened my account. I really don’t have an answer for you but sometimes it’s good to let people know you’re not alone. I created a video two days ago that had been saved 56 times. Then a few hours later I noticed the save count dropped to 27. This kind of thing has been happening to me all the time my views and saves roll backwards. Woke up this morning and now it shows one save. Not only that, the boards it wa saved to have disappeared when I click ‘see more stats’. It’s like it’s only ever been saved to one board. And the views dropped from the 500s to the number 40. Then about five minutes later I look and it’s down to 38 views  And let me tell you it never corrects to the right numbers. Every one of my videos dropped in the hundreds and thousands before Christmas. Never regained the correct numbers. We have to live with Pinterest problems. Help never responds other than the one time they told me they’re no longer fixing problems like this 😩

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