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Hi everyone! I have always had a pretty decent number of monthly viewers on Pinterest even without really knowing much about keywords, etc. I have been looking into it recently and being more strategic. I know I need to share fresh pins and I have plenty of them! The problem is, no matter how many times I pin or when I share them. I receive 0-2 impression. It is seeming like a complete waste of time. I’d love to be able to succeed on this platform. Any advice? Is this normal? Thank you so much! 

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Pinterest Pioneer

Hi @bohemianbranches 


Are you creating fresh content (weekly blog posts)? Pinterest doesn't want just fresh pins (new pins linking to the same URL) 


An idea to get your reach and engagement up is to make Idea Pins - they are the top prioritized pin format on Pinterest right now. 


Incorporate that with fresh, regular content and I would think that should help. If those super low impressions continue after at least a month of trying this method, I would content Pinterest help desk about it. 



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