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Wrong website link

Just visiting

Hi, I'm new to the community. I have a business profile, and I'm experiencing some problems. I have updated my website, but on my public profile an old website (that doesn't even exist anymore) still shows. I can't change it (have already tried profile editing, doesn't help)

Hope someone can help me to fix the bug! I am attaching some screenshots:

Screenshot of Pinterest (2).jpgScreenshot of Pinterest (1).jpgScreenshot of Pinterest.jpg

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer


Hi there glad you made your way to the PBC!

Thanks for sharing your photos.

Have you tried Unclaiming your old site?

If you are not able to Unclaim your old website than you may have to contact Support for help on this - You can contact Support at the top of this page under Resources | Support from there you can file a ticket about this issue.

I hope this helps. Lisa


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