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Why Pinterest Idea Pin , Can't show the tags?

New member

Just recently I found Pinterest Idea pin this new function.


When I first tried 2 weeks ago, all goes well.

Just recenly when I create a new idea pin- short videos,

when I write a tag, or three tags, there're nothing happened, not a deep blue box to show you tag is choosen. Ans today I refresh the page, I saw nothing tags are wrote there.

It looks like some bugs happened.


I guess because my second idea pin does't have tags I choose, so the exposure is low.

How about you guys? Have met same situation?


Thank you.

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Just visiting

Hi Stella, 

Ideas Pins (previously Story pins) continue to be temperamental. Some of the issues that can come up from time to time: 

  1. Board list not appearing/loading
  2. Pins take too long to upload once you try to save the Story/Idea
  3. Tags do not show up or the first tag can be saved and then the tags disappear so you cannot choose more. 

I find that this can be frustrating and to avoid wasting time, I usually stop trying and revisit Pinterest after a few hours. Something that seems to work also is switch from Desktop to Mobile - so when I have issues on Desktop I just go on my mobile and try to upload my Idea pin. To speed things up (as it is more tricky to add text on mobile), I prepare my idea pins on CANVA and then just add them on mobile as separate pages. 

Hope this helps!

Jenny @SeasonsInColour 

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