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I saw recently that Pinterest was no longer allowing pins on the topic of weight loss.  So, I'm a lifestyle blogger and about 20% of my content is posts about various topics of weight loss, healthy living, exercise options, etc.  

First of all, I'm unhappy because it was handled quite unprofessionally (as usual!).  Most platforms would've given a 60 to 90 day warning to users to phase out this content, and set out clear guidelines on what is and isn't allowed in this area.  But no, Pinterest does everything IMMEDIATELY and without clear communication to it's user base.  

So, what am I meant to do with this content?  Am I supposed to delete or archive my weight loss boards and pins?  Am I just supposed to not post any new content on this topic?  Am I just not supposed to use certain key words?  I have literally no idea in the world how I'm supposed to react to this new mandate.  Will there be a penalty if I accidentally post a weight loss pin?  Will those pins just be excluded from the feed?  Is it based on the photos?  Keywords?  Titles?  No idea...  

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@adrianscrazylif It's a rollercoaster ride on Pinterest these days and it's hard to keep up. Since you're a lifestyle blogger you may have other content that Pinterest likes such as self-improvement and anything related to self-help.

I think the goal is to focus on the positive and only pin things that will positively impact people. I would advise you to stop creating new pins for weight loss and instead create other types of lifestyle content.

This is the life of a blogger and small business owner; we always need to learn, pivot and adapt.

Jennifer Dagi
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