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I authentically pin every single day, creating new pins daily. I direct to different links and websites and I am very cautious about what I pin. On average I get from 1.5-2k views per pin. In the last week I've been averaging less than 30 views per pin. I have been trying to reach out to Pinterest but am just getting a generic response saying "Pinterest values authentic pins..." blah blah blah- I'm already doing that. I feel like something has happened in the last week on Pinterest's end to make this happen. Any idea on how I can get this fixed? I was close to a million views a month and have dropped to 750k in just a week because of this. 

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The same thing exactly is happening to me right now. And I'm publishing the exact same type of pins, authenticated, same style, exactly the same niche even. I went from getting thousands of views on each pin to now ONE. Literally. One view. And I'm getting no support on Pinterest for this. 

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Same here! Been happening since May 1st-ish for me. Total drop. No response from Pinterest either. I was getting over 6 million views a month and now I am crying in my coffee while Pinterest ignores me. I am a verified merchant too... you'd think that would help me! Nope it apparently means nothing. 

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Its good to know I'm not alone in this, but also disheartening to be experiencing it at all.

Mine started about a week or 2 ago, and just like you, i used to have thousands of impressions per fresh pin. Now I'm lucky to even see 10.

Pinterest support is about as helpful as talking to a brick wall, and i honestly don't know what to do at this point. 

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