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Video pins not showing up under search; Stats are a joke.

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Well I guess I figured out why I’m not getting any traffic. Can’t find my pins when I do a search by title or description. I have basically zilch traffic and people posting exact same videos as me get thousands of likes. The real traffic I am getting seems to be from videos I posted six months ago. I’ve also done some experimenting and have discovered, at least in my case, that if I upload a video… I may receive three hours of public viewing.  It appears that most of my initial spurt of traffic comes in the first three hours and afterthat it basically goes down to nothing. So I’ve had to work extremely hard to find the best window of opportunity to get the three hour bump. I know that Pinterest does not withhold or delete the video ... But they do something to make it much harder to be seen. And I have worked my way close to 1000 followers. And I know that piddle compared to everyone on this business forum. I have over 800 posted plus another list of over 100 people that Pinterest notifies me are following me yet their names and number and never get add to my follow list. So I count them as followers. Where are they?  I really don’t know if they receive my new videos in their home feed. My husband is a statistician and even he does not understand how or why the stats are tanking so bad based on my followers. When I write Pinterest all I receive is a canned response that “stats and followers ebb and flow.” I have literally held up my iPad and iPhone next to each other and discovered that everyone of my followers is the same yet if I refresh one the number decreases. Somehow I lost a total of 11 followers in the last two weeks even though their names never changed! Luckily I don’t do this for money, it is a hobby. But the fun is sure being taken out of it when my hard work isn’t being seen

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