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Video pin save count not increasing regardless of notifications

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Hello I’ve read people’s post regarding problems with Pinterest and how typically within a few days things work out because it’s due to an update or something like that. I’ve had a problem where I touch a pen to look at the stats and I lose 20 to 100 views. That’s never worked its way out and regained the views lost -It’s a weird problem. I’ve given up on that but now it’s happening with the saves. When I touch my video pen to review the stats more closely, either the save count number drops in front of my eyes always in the negative. And in the last 3 to 4 days I’m receiving notifications left and right the people are saving my video pins but the save number count has not increased. I’ve been looking at the same number and I know that it’s wrong. Contacting Pinterest is a lost cause as I’ve tried to do that previously and they did not understand my problem even though I clearly explained it. So has anyone noticed that they’re getting notifications of saves but their numbers are not increasing?

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Sounds like a concern. When your pins are in your account, you may have a static image which represents your pin number. When you click on the pin or open it, the data is refreshed from the Pinterest database, thus your change. Most users are currently experiencing reporting errors due to a major update in Pinterest although it sounds like this issue existed before the update. Currently, the real activity and recorded (Pinterest) activity don't seem to correlate for many users. Hopefully, this will be corrected soon.