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Verified Merchant Program Issue

Just visiting

Hello.  I have an unusual issue.  I have connected my Shopify products to Pinterest, and applied for the Merchant Program.  Here's the odd issue, I have been given the blue check mark on my profile, my profile says approved, however, none of my products show up and I still have the banner that says the application will take up to 24hrs... That ended 3 days ago.  I appears that I am approved, but something is a miss on Pinterest's end to where they never completed the application status on their end.  I have not come across this issue on any postings, so it seems like it was a simple mess up or glitch.

Please advise.

Thank You!!

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Just visiting

I received this reply from Pinterest today in case anyone has the same issue.  Sad that not one person from the community responded.  I had to email management to get the issue resolved...  Email response below.


Jan 18, 2022, 9:38 GMT-11

Hello there,

Thank you for writing back.
Around the last few weeks of December 2021, we have discovered an issue with Shopify feeds, wherein users are seeing error messages 4057/4058 in their Catalogs UI, at that time we thought the products are not syncing on Pinterest. 
We have reported this to our Engineering team before the holidays and now it has been mitigated. Affected users will see the ‘error’ messages replaced as ‘alerts’ which essentially means that the products have synced on Pinterest and are available on Pinterest.
However, if you continue to see Alert 4057, this just means that a couple of some products did not successfully sync to Pinterest.


To fix this, just follow the steps in this article. Rest assured that your products made available to the Pinterest Sales channel have synced on our end.

Shop tab :
Upon review, I can see you have enabled the shop tab but the products are not showing up on your profile.
I can confirm it's a shop tab bug but don't worry I have escalated your particular issue to our Product team.
We hope to have it resolved soon.
Please know that our concerned team is working on the issue. Our team will be sure to follow up with you when there is an update.


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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

@ArtsyNicheCreations Hi welcome to the community.

I read your question and the notice that was sent to you and I am glad you got a response from Pinterest.

I would have loved to answer your question but with respect to Shopify I am afraid I don't have a ton of experience.

I am glad you made it to the community.


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