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[URGENT] After activate Pinterest plugin, wp_options increases by +10k.

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Indicate that after activating "Pinterest for woocommerce", the number of rows in the wp options table increased from 5k to 15k within 1 hour and 10000+ transients were created.

There were almost 200k rows in the old database, which came with pinterest. This is too much. I just reset the database, the wp-options size increases as soon as I activate the pinterest plugin. Too many rows being added there. And it continues to increase. The problem is in this app. And I need to reduce this mb count.

I have 2400 products, 18.000 total variant.

Please forward these questions to the technical team and reply me as soon as possible.

1- Is there a way to reduce the number of rows a added by  the Pinterest app?

2- Is it okay if I create a feed with the "Product feed elite" application instead of the "Pinterest for woocommerce" application and connect it to Pinterest?

So do I need to do anything else for woocommerce to pinterest connection? Catalog, pinterest verified merchant program, ads etc.

3- Here is a different application. can i use this?

Problem: The "Pinterest for woocommerce" application is tiring the system. Too many rows and mb additions.

Solution: Create a feed with alternative applications and link it to Pinterest. But is that enough? Can all pins and site/pinterest link be done this way?

Please reply as soon as possible. I've been trying to fix the pinterest issue for weeks. Thanks.

I am using wordpress / woocommerce.

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hi @cosmiquestudio, welcome to the PBC! That does seem excessive, I'm not familiar with the WooCommerce plugin but at an overview it seems you can turn off autoload on the wp_table for troubleshooting or at least place a rate limit. Have you contacted support yet? They should be able to take a look at their end and give you a better idea.

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