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As per my Pinterest account analytics reports, Outbound links showed 13k to 14k every day. but we are getting just 5.8k daily visits from Pinterest. what is the problem behind this loss?, and where it is going to my remaining Pinterest outbound links?  I'm still getting low visits due to this issue, Thank you for your time.

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Hi, So I think I figured out the issue. For some pages (mine is Wix blog) Pinterest will send users to an AMP version of your webpage. This basically helps load your page faster, but it also doesn’t track in google analytics and won’t show Adsense ad units. The easiest workaround I found is to create redirect links from amp pages to your actual website page URL. To see if this is the problem for your click on one of your Pinterest pins and check the URL. See if it has an Amp in there somewhere and you’ll know if that’s the issue! 

Bonus Tip: If you really want to dig deep into your traffic from Pinterest, get the Pinterest dashboard from Kristie Hill. It’s free for subscribing to her email list. I don’t get anything for you signing up; I just wanted to share this amazing tool. Plus, Kristie is a Pinterest/SEO queen, so you definitely want to get her emails!


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