Suspended Account & Lost Followers

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Hi - Yesterday my account @thefarmgirlgabs was one of the ones suspended for some reason. It is back, but I lost 25000 followers. Hoping I can get them back. Not sure what caused so many people to have their accounts suspended but I am why most of my followers went away.  @PinterestRenato @PinterestGabby @PinterestJanice 

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Yes this is also what has happened with me. Support is not being helpful and I really would like if someone from the Pinterest Creator team could help us out. I worked really hard and was so proud of the 20,054 followers I amassed by continually putting out content on your platform. Now I am at a loss of words and I wish someone at Pinterest could let us know what is happening. 


I would really appreciate your help. Travels of Sarah Fay is my account.

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Me too, I lost 44K followers, almost my entire following. I  have emailed the Help desk a few times with no resolution. Please help!!!!!!!!!

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Hi, when trying to login, I just found out my Pinterest account @xpgifts was suspended.

I do not understand the reason. Is this affecting more people?

I do hope it is an error, as we have no intention of violating any policies.

However, I am unsure if someone will get back to us with an explanation and a way forward.

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can offer.

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Hi, does anyone had a solution to this problem ? I didn't lose my followers but I lose all of my insights and now I don't have any impression, not a little but not at all, zero impression, even when I visit my account from another browser. I contacted the support so many times and they didn't clearly answer my issue as well. I had around 50 to 80k monthly views and now nothing.. I am so disappointed.


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