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Hi everyone,

So, I'm newer to Pinterest and don't know the etiquette- so forgive me if this is taboo, but would anyone mind helping a girl out? 

I have two pinterest biz accounts. 1 for my professional photography, and 1 for a wellness blog I recently started. I have watched countless videos on youtube and even invested in some (not worth it) pinterest courses. I've tried pinning manually about 10 completely fresh and new pins a day on my own mixed in with about 5 or so of others pins. I have also tried using tailwind taking the same pin, putting it on 10 different boards about 3 days apart and mixing in others pins on my scheudule and aiming for about 15 pins a day. Both trials got me almost NO results. It feels scary because I feel like everytime I post- (esp for photography where it takes a lot more effort to get the photos then a graphic pin for a blog) and it doesn't get basically any impressions that I'm essentially wasting those pins. 

I have watched videos on how to write descriptions and titles and what colors to use and how many pins people say to use and I just cannot seem to get it right even with knowing all this information. How long do you guys think it takes to start seeing some real traction with pinterest? Am I just being impatient?

This all being said- can anyone give some tips, pointers, anything to help me out? COVID has been hella hard and if even one of my businesses could start getting traffic to the websites that would be such a God send.

Any and all thoughts would be so helpful! 


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@healthfullywhole Hi 👋 Glad you are in the PBC! I followed you love what you're promoting and talking about I am all for it.

I would honestly tell you that there is no exact science to Pinterest - I think all members look for that perfect formula or something close to it but alas there isn't one. I looked at your Account Description and there are a couple of things I would do differently .... Just know I am no Pinterest Guru I leave that to @PinterestGabby  I am tagging some other members for their input they have great insight and some seriously good knowledge about Pinterest @foodiehomechef @owlbbaking @allaboutbabyblog @simplepinmedia 

Below are some of my thoughts on maybe what you could change or polish and again I do like what your promoting and these are just thoughts....

I would leave out age or anything that might limit your audience or make your audience feel that your blog is not right for them and make your statement a little shorter and more keyword specific. I would say the same for your boards shorten the descriptions and use more SEO friendly keywords in your descriptions example your Stress & Anxiety Board is really great just re work the description a little "short & sweet". Consider using Pinterest Trends Tool
really awesome tool for SEO.

👉A whole body health lovin' girl in her twenties bringing you knowledge and insight on how to become your best self in mind, body, and soul.
A whole body health loving blog bringing knowledge & insight on how to be your best in
mind, body & soul 🙏

P.S. I love your Contact Info Button I don't have that🤔

Another thing I would do is Turn Off Boards
Any boards that aren't ready or don't have pins I would turn them off until you are ready to have people see them - for me it makes me feel like "its incomplete". I like consistency with boards.

Consider Videos | Story Pins - If people can see you or hear you and have something that they can look at not just read I think that also really helps Personalize - I noticed that some of my Story Pins (Video) have really taken off I never realized that people were interested in seeing me work out at the gym or should I say perform a specific exercise but clearly I was wrong. I use Vimeo for Video Pins (I am a true addict I'll admit it) and I also love Story Pins with Video I use the Pinterest Mobile for iPhone. I also use Canva and Adobe Spark for Pin Creation lots of choice.

Okay....I have gotten the Pinterest Ball Rolling - I hope this helps you and I look forward to your next post Lisa😁

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

@healthfullywhole  Hi Meg! Welcome to the PBC!

I can advice you :

Pinterest is designed to help people search and find ideas, inspiration, and solutions to their problems. It’s all about trying, buying, and reading. Try to create good looking and high quality pins, so more people will engage with your content.

Try to pin 5-10 high-quality pins in the morning and 5-10 high-quality pins in the evening. Your content have to be relevant and helpful for your followers.

Use relevant keywords everywhere on Pinterest. On your pins, your board titles, your board descriptions, your board, your profile.

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Loves to help

@therealsouthamerica Thanks for the tag 🙂


@healthfullywhole Like already mentioned there is no exact formula to the whole pinterest thing and it makes me want to pull my hair out at times too 😄 

I just keep trying out different strategies until I find what works best for me and is in compliance with pinterest best practices 🙂 (some bloggers give some weird advice so be careful that you don't pin too much and end up being marked as spam)
I changed my strategy about 4 times now and am not convinced it's the best I can do yet so we'll see (currently testing the newest change)

For my account it took about 2 months to see some good results - consistency is very important and video and story pins give you a good reach.

Keep in mind that no accounts are alike so what works for someone else might not work for you 🙂 (unfortunately)

It is definitely a lot of trial and error.

Do you know from your google analytics when your audience is online the most? It definitely helps to pin at those times 🙂

Unfortunately there have been a lot of glitches lately with all the new updates so it might not even be your fault that you don't see results yet.

Keep pinning fresh pins and make the changes that realsouthamerica implied and you should be getting somewhere 🙂

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@healthfullywhole  Hi there Meg & welcome to the community! I think Lisa (@therealsouthamerica thanks for the tag) just about covered it all... however I see you mentioned Tailwind. Since you're on Tailwind, if you use their scheduler, it will tell you the best times of day to schedule your pins... which is important to reach your audience.

When I first started out with Pinterest, about 6 years ago, it took me about 6 months before I really started seeing significant results... especially having my pins show up in a good spot in search results.

Additionally, if you give me the links to your 2 Pinterest accounts I'll head over there this weekend & see if I have any suggestions above & beyond what everyone else has already offered you 🙂

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Loves to help

I am not an expert, but I get 2M impressions, 10,000 repins a month and up to 1,000 new followers a week.

First of all, don't get frustrated from first time efforts. As pointed out, consistency and quality will ultimately give you the results you seek.

Here are five tips that will give you immediate results.

1). Build your relationships and following by interacting with people on Pinterest with the same interests. Trading repins with a group of people can expand your audience 10-20 fold and add credibility to your pins so they get more impressions. If you treat Pinterest as social media rather than a database, you will fare better.

2). The most valuable service on Tailwind is tribes. Some Pinterest members get a majority of their web traffic from tribes. Find a photo or health tribe you will get many new repins and visitors to your sites.

3). Don't forget group boards. Some "experts" will tell you that they are obsolete. I don't agree. When you join a board that has 50,000 members and 2,000 repins a week, one can't argue with that activity. Group boards also give your account activity credibility. Here is one you can join for example:

4). Look for Facebook exchange groups. There are several in which you post a pin and others' will repost it, in exchange for you reposting theirs. It usually takes less time than it takes to make a new pin.

5). Having a business account gives you the advantage of rich pins. These not only have more content, are updated with your website but have good SEO value.

Not a single person who has challenged my advice has been able to show better results.

Every day for the last two weeks, I have had at least one pin that has achieved 50,000 impressions or more.

I hope this is helpful to you.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

These are excellent tips!! Thanks everyone for chiming in and sharing your thoughts. @healthfullywhole  I hope these takeaways from our community members were helpful and you can apply them to your own strategy. Let us know if there's anything else we can help with. 🙂 

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Hi @therealsouthamerica ,


Wow, THANK YOU SO MUCH! This was so so so helpful. I appreciate the time you took to write out this advice and it all makes sense. I will defintely implement those changes. By turn off boards do you mean make them secret until they are ready or archive them?

Thanks for the encouragement as well. I honestly appreciate it so much. I will go hop on and follow  your account! Thank you again!


It's been so discouraging, and the photography account is my main priority, so trying to get pinterest results with both has been a challenge because I create a good schedule, see no results, and then stop! But this gave me the encouragement to keep going.



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Hi @AmericanoCrystals ,


Thank you so much for weighing in as well. Your help is so valuable and I really appreciate the time you took! Do you ever re pin your own pins or pin strictly fresh pins? Gladly giving you a follow!



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Hi @allaboutbabyblog ,


Thank you for your thoughtful response, I SO appreciate it! I think what is hard is that consistency does seem like the key but I keep getting so discouraged I do really good for a week or two and then give up. But, this defintely gave me the encouragement to keep going so thank you! Do you ever re pin your own pins or stick to strictly fresh pins? 


I will defintely go give you a follow!



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