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Sponsored Pin is not beeing delivered

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I recently started a campaign for a client. I followed the instructions for creating ads, (added the pin, the client published to favorites) and for one day the ad showed results. This however only worked for about 2 hours. No impressions, reach or anything has happened since. 

The ad budged has not been used either.

Do I need to have access to the clients business account and create the pins myself? 

What did I do wrong? This is very frustrating, especially compared to any other ad platform. 

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Normally the process is to choose the channels, create the pin, then wait for approval prior to it being put in rotation. If you have approval and it is not showing, contact advertising support which you can find within the advertising account.

Normally an advertising account is managed from within the account which receives the benefits.

If you are using your Pinterest account to run a campaign for a client, that may not work.

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