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siphoning off our traffic?

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In the last few days, Pinterest seems to be rolling out an update that makes our images unclickable based on some niches. Esp. home, fashion, extremely shoppable images. Images that were clickable once are no longer clickable - on mobile you have to use the read it button, and on desk top you have to use an obscure little link in the bottom right hand corner. You also have the option to "view similar products" - which half the time are not AT ALL similar. 

see this pin as an exmaple:

You can fix this by "tagging" your own products or other pins, but its hard to FIND all the affected images. 


My community has plenty of pinners with readers complaining they can't access the content. @PinterestGabby  @PinterestJanice @PinterestAnna 

Pinterest has to know how brutal this is for user intent, and also what a blow it is to content creators to lose a good chunk of their traffic without even a heads up!? 

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