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Question Regarding Pinterest

Just visiting

Hello Pinterest Team,

I have Few Question please help me

1. Can i repin my own pin if yes then how many repin can i do single day.
2. How many pin can i create per day ?
3. Can i use tailwind website to schedule a pin.

Thank You

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Loves to help

Hello @Belle_Bonny

Here are you answers.

1. You can repin your own pins again. Keep in mind that you might want to make sure the is time between repins so you don't alienate your audience by pinning the same thing repeatedly. It is common for users to repin their most popular pins.

2. You can create an pin as many pins as you like. Most users do up to five, but some create and pin as many as 20. As long as your content is good and creates engagement. That is the spirit of Pinterest.

3. Tailwind is a Pinterest partner and follows Pinterest best practices. If you are not a member of Tailwind, you may receive a free membership plus $15 credit here:

Also, for a limited time, new members get free access to Tailwind Create, an excellent tool for creating pins.

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