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price value for main "parent" product containing variations with different prices

New member

Just getting started here with getting product pins published. I've got our product catalog approved and am trying to figure out how to handle a product with multiple variations (different sizes and colors). Here's the product:

What do I put in the "price" field for the main parent product that includes the variations? Is it acceptable to put a price range in there (1375–1575 USD) or will Pinterest balk at that? 

I'm thinking that there would be one pin for this variable product where a customer could view the pin, click the link, and be taken to the main product page where they would select size and color.

Would I also add each individual variation on separate lines of the catalog datasource? Or is just having the parent product sufficient? Not clear from reading the Pinterest documentation, which is pretty vague on this point.

Thank you.

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