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“Play another video from” question NEED HELP

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I find it sad that not one of you people on Pinterest help can answer my question. Apparently you don’t think I’m worth the time to simply tell me if this is a problem I am experiencing alone or if this is normal. It blows my mind with all the Pinterest users and creators that I’ve been having problems since last August and rarely get any replies here. This will be my last Ask for any help because it never comes.


OK I first asked this last August. I post videos which I have created. Once my videos are uploaded to Pinterest and I go to check them out, I always see a message at the end that says “play another video from “—-some stranger. But when I go to my home feed and watch other peoples videos, it always redirects back to another video from that same person. When I asked this question previously I could not get a direct answer. I believe one person said that’s normal. But I do not understand why everyone else gets redirected back to other videos from the current creator. Obviously when someone plays one of my videos, I desire them to watch another video of mine not some random stranger. Is this another problem on my account?

This is a pretty simple question and should have a simple answer. The phrase itself, play ANOTHER Video from Jane Doe means that you will be  looking at videos from the SAME person. But my account has had so many problems That I can’t even list them here. But all this time people are not being directed to other videos of mine which is upsetting

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