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Pinterest Traffic Plummeting.

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Let me start off by saying how much I have LOVED using the Pinterest platform over the years and have a successful blog that has gained significant traffic because of it. Again I am a big fan.

However, as of late, my traffic has dropped dramatically it's been a problem since April of this year and continues to plummet. 

I am fully aware of the natural ebb and flow of Pinterest traffic and I keep. my finger on the pulse as far as what new practices to adhere to.

My issue is that despite creating new pins, new content on a consistent basis I am seeing zero to little traction.

I should add, that I have never been flagged as spam but my content gets constantly stolen. 

I am wondering if somehow in Pinterest's attempt to address the spammers if my account has been flagged accidentally.

Is it possible that the last algorithm update is downgrading my account despite following all the rules?

Based on all the chatter from other bloggers I know that I am not the only one experiencing this.

I would really appreciate any advice. Thanks


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @fittoservegroup, thanks for being a part of the Pinterest community and sharing your experience with us. Have you submitted a ticket to our support team yet? This is the best way to ensure someone from escalations can take an in-depth look into your account and see what's going on. Once you've filed a ticket, feel free to send us the ticket reference number so we can keep it on file and escalate as needed. Thank you! 

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