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Hi Everyone, 

I am hoping someone can help me as we have been struggling with Tag health for over a year now 😞 

1. Regarding tag health: we currently added our founder's email address to the below message, should it rather be my (Pinterest account holder) email address:
''We are having trouble matching your events with Pinterest activity. Please include a user email with each event, including your base code. The email should be stripped of whitespace, in lower case, then hashed with MD5, SHA1 or SHA-256. Learn more''
Question 1 ImageQuestion 1 Image
2. Another thing to keep in mind is that we sell high-end products, which means that people take their time (sometimes months) before they eventually buying one of our rugs. We do not sell many rugs per month, too few for Pinterest to track, and not consistent enough. Might be good to discuss with them what we can do about that or this is what it is, eventually, it is about tracking our steps, and that works well now 🙂
image (1).png
3. Wil below always be there as a reminder or how do other shops do this that don't sell regularly as we do?
image (2).png
Any help, guidance or support will be greatly appreciated!
Our Pinterest handle is @sukhirugs if you have any other feedback for us.
Warm regards,
Team Sukhi 💛
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