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Pinterest Tag for Shopify - Help on Product ID

Just visiting

Hi there! 

I'm Mathilde from France, I'm super excited because we can now request access to the Verified Merchant Program in France! Thank you Pinterest team!! 

I'm on my way to apply to the program but I'm facing an issue with the Tag. 

I have a Shopify website so I connected the Pinterest app for Shopify. The base code seems ok,  the issue is regarding the events code. I followed the Pinterest guide and could do everything except one: including the Product ID. The Pinterest tag helper extension confirms that the tags are correct but value is missing. 

In the guide they say "Click the icon next to the Product ID and choose your user-defined variable  for it.

Product ID can be any format that you choose. If you are using Pinterest catalogs, the product IDs used there must match the ones used here."
I just don't get it, I hoped I could fine the answer in this community but it seems that in the past US & Canada merchants had the same issue. What is this user-defined variable and what's the name for Product ID on a shopify website? 
If someone could share how he/she finally solved it, I would be so grateful!! 
Merci / Thank you, 
Could someone help me? 


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