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Pinterest Search Function for Crafts and DIY

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Hi there! I've noticed when searching for crafts on Pinterest as a user - which I do quite frequently to write posts, or get inspiration, or just see what the trends are . . . I always get Etsy results. And I don't mean just a few results and then some crafts. I mean it's just a wall of Etsy pins. I attached an example when I searched for "DIY coffee bar signs" but it's been happening for awhile with a variety of "DIY" or "craft" search terms (and if you were to scroll down on my image if you could, it's the entire page - Etsy).

Very curious if this is something Pinterest would be willing to look into or change. I can't imagine that the intent of someone who wants a tutorial would be Etsy listings. I know that a variety of creators have experienced huge traffic drops and and therefore using Pinterest less . . . I think this is part of the issue.

Not saying Etsy results shouldn't be in there, but to have only Etsy listings? I find it confusing. Thanks for reading.

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

@modpodgerocks Hi welcome to the community 👋🏻

I read your post | question and I looked at your screen shot, I definitely get what your talking about its like just Etsy and nothing else.

I tried the following and perhaps this might work for you:

coffee bar ideas diy (changed the search by putting the DIY at the end)

I then changed the search from All Pins to Boards using the dropdown menu on Pinterest Search. I think you will find that you may get a better result or at least a result with more variety (lots of Boards to explore). I also tried this with Videos instead of Boards and arrived at some great Idea Pins that you mind find interesting.

I really hope this helps you.



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