Pinterest limiting organic reach after you use their ads

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Hello Everyone,

I want to share my experience with Pinterest ads and warn potential victims. I have been on Pinterest for the last six years. I run an e-commerce website that gets around 250-350 views per day, organically. A week ago, I decided to give Pinterest ads a try. I ran the ads for four days, spent around $116. I stopped then at the end of 15th December. The results were far from good. As soon as I stopped the advertising, my views plunged. I have never seen such a downfall in any of the previous years. I have shared my analytics screen. The organic traffic that I was getting has become almost zero. Even for the days I was advertising, my organic pins' reach fell, resulting in the same net traffic even though I was running ads. This isn't good that Pinterest limits the reach of anything shared from your domain. They are limiting the organic reach to charge you for every action taken on your pin. It kills the idea of Organic traffic from Pinterest. I really regret running Pinterest ads, and if you are a small-sized business with some organic traffic, please stay away from Pinterest ads until they fix this issue. I hope they will fix this issue. Otherwise, I think it will push so many small businesses away from Pinterest. Also, if someone has a similar experience, please share below. Thank you everyone.

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