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Pins not created by me but I can’t see Analytics?

New member

I’m so confused! I’m getting tons of traffic to my sites and new followers from Pinterest which has been wonderful! One follower sent me a screenshot of a pin and asked if I could make it. The pin was not my picture but the pin looked like it was created by me and when I clicked on it, I could see analytics and it led to my Etsy page and the description of the pin was to my product. I checked all over my profile to find this pin... and nope... nowhere. How could this have happened?

I love the fact that I’m getting traffic but now I’m worried that it’s not on my own merit and there are pins floating out there that don’t have MY pictures but lead to my page.  I tried posting a screenshot but it said it was too large. Anyone know what is going on? 

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Just visiting

Hi Catalina! It happened to my clients. I think that the pins have been created by a user, when they were visiting your store, and they chose a random image that was on your landing page (From an Ad, or similar users,... all that recommendations that appear on Etsy). Would that make sense? 

Maria Laura Luna Broilo
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