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Pins from posts with multiple recipes

New member

Hi All,

I thought I would ask here because I know there will be fingers pointed elsewhere.

It was suggested in a podcast that multiple recipe pins do really well. So, I published a post with 3 recipes in it. I have tasty pins and WP Recipe Maker. I pinned the pin for each recipe from the post (pin set in WP Recipe Maker.)

I also have rich pins.

For the first pin/recipe all is well. For the other two pins, the recipe that shows in Pinterest (title and ingredients) is the first recipe. So basically, I have 2 pins where the image says "Rhineland potato salad" and the text on the pin says "Bavarian potato salad". The pins with images for all three also pull the rich pin info for the first recipe (and not the text set in Tasty pins).

Have any of you experienced this? Can you think of a solution? Is it even worth setting a description on a recipe in if Pinterest is just going to pull the ingredients (as a rich pin)?

Thank you!

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