No Music or Voice Overs for Idea Pins

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Hey !

I was going to try Idea pin for the first time unfortunately there was no option for me to add music or voice over for my videos and images. 

I'm an Android user and my Pinterest app is updated yet there is no option. Attaching the screenshot for your reference. 

Requesting you to kindly assist since I have a lot of content which needs to be uploaded as Idea pins. 

Thank you.


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Hi @EW102 , welcome to the PBC! I'm tagging Lisa from @bodymindmood for visibilty ^^^

Lisa, have you experience this on Android?

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Hi there

I have tagged some cool Pinterest Employees to see if they may be able to offer some guidance or info. alternatively you can file a ticket with Support

I have the same thing on my Samsung Galaxy S10+ but I do use iPhone 13 Pro and a iPhone SE for Idea Pins.

No options for music or voice over only stickers and text + color.


While this is not ideal - create your media (with voice over | music) on Instagram | Facebook doing only 60 seconds (Pinterest) and then save to your phone and upload to Pinterest and then add text | color | stickers via Pinterest Note make sure you have the rights to the music. The app has come a long way so there are a lot of great fonts | stickers to choose from I am sorry I can't offer a better solution on music | voice over this is what is happening for a lot of Android Users.

I have seen others doing the same thing and I am in a group on Facebook where this is a common problem for Android Users not clear on how this affects your Idea Pins but at the moment this appears to be the only solution.

I hope this helps a little bit Lisa.

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