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Need to add products to get pin links back?

New member

I have been watching threads and comments on FB and there is something new that has happened on desktop.

If you have a pin, we know Pinterest might add its own product tags to it.  Of course, we can add our own.   But, now, something odd is happening.

If you have a pin that they have added a shop the look feature to, with its own links, for some reason the link to click over to the article is no longer working......unless you find the small bubble at the bottom of the pin.  However, if you update the product tags on the pin to link to your own products or affiliates, it does.

Here is an example:

Go to desktop to check this

Try to click on the pin to go to her site. You can't. Not unless you scroll down to the bottom of the pin where you see here URL and click there.  She has other pins where she has tagged products and they work fine. You click anywhere on the image and you go to her site.

People are claiming this is a new update but it only appears on some pins, for some niches.  

We need clarification if this is a new feature, which means all those pins have to be updated,  or if this is a glitch.

Anyone have any insght?

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