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My account has been suspended I need help!

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Hello Pinterest business community! 

I really need your help right now! My Pinterest account has been suspended for a week now! Pinterest teams told me that they've suspended it after deleting 2 pins against them rules and policies and rights but there's a misunderstanding! I definitely didn't mean to broke any rules or rights! I tried to contact with them alot to let them understand this misunderstanding and it won't happen again but no matter how many I sent it end up getting the same email that my account has been suspended and I can't get it back any more longer .. please I really need your help to reactivate my account! Please understand this misunderstanding and help me! Thank you for your time

Email of my suspended account :

user name : @Danganronpafandom

name of the account : Emily chan

Again I really didn't mean to do a mistake like that however I really apologize for that and promise you it won't happen again ! Please reactivate the account

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