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Most of my impressions disappeared

Just visiting

Hello, I'd like some help on this. I had about 31K impressions on my account, however, as recommended by Pinterest, yesterday I claimed my website. Immediately after doing so the majority of my impressions disappeared, leaving zeroes instead.  Does anyone know why that happened and if it can be corrected? (I promoted a few pins today so those now have impressions, but the others that lost their impressions still remain the same. Some had 5.5K, others 2K, etc.)

Also, although I'm getting a lot of impressions, the numbers for pins and shares are low. (I re-started the account recently--several weeks ago, after not having used it for several years.) I think my content is pretty good, so I'd like to know if it's typical to have low pins/shares at the beginning when establishing an account, or if a lack of pins or shares is a reflection of inadequate content.

Most importantly, I'd like to know how to regain my impressions. The situation is both disheartening and frustrating.

Any assistance on this will be greatly appreciated. My account:@blackgirlrising.  Thanks very much for your help.

Max Smith

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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Hi there Max 

Glad you made it to the PBC!

I read your post and I completely understand the frustration your feeling.

I have created some links below to some articles written by other Pinterest Pioneers here in the PBC that might help give you more information about Pinterest and how | what to expect since returning to Pinterest 👇🏻

TIP: What Should You Pay for Consideration Campaign Pinterest Ads? 

Should you claim your website on Pinterest?      Feeling discouraged, trying to gain new followers? This is for you! 

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My Top 3 Tips for Using the PBC   Creative - What is Your Goal? 

As for gaining | regaining impressions that is going to depend on how consistently you pin, the content your pining and the kinds of pins your creating.

1. Pin consistently! Do not pin constantly to the point where Pinterest might think you are spam.
2. Create content that Pinners want to see - Useful | Fun | Video
3. In addition to Static Pins consider Idea Pins
    This link will breakdown the following Creator information:

  • Get started
  • Create content
  • Follow best practices
  • Grow your audience
  • Review your performance
  • Monetize your content

I know that when you aren't seeing the numbers you want to see it can be disheartening but I really do suggest to give it time and you will see your numbers come back up - I have been right where you are many times so I really do understand.

I hope this has helped you - Lisa


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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

Thanks for the mention, Lisa @bodymindmood !

@BlackGirlRising  I would add to check out the Pioneer Meet and Greet, the replay will be posted soon! You'll hear some more tips and tricks!

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