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[MEGA TOPIC] Sudden decrease (around 70%) in Reach: Anyone else?

Pinterest Alum
Pinterest Alum

Hi everyone, @PinterestGabby and I wanted to share a final note before we close this topic.

First, we appreciate you all sharing the experiences, frustrations, and unvarnished feedback documented in this topic.

Second, if your account has been cleared by support i.e. they responded to your ticket and reported there are no issues on your account, the resolution is now dependent on your Pins and pinning, and content strategy.

To view our Pinterest best practices and how to reset your strategy as a creator, please read our letter to the creator community and feel free to use the community as a sounding board with others on what’s working (or not).

Thank you all again for your insights and feedback and more importantly, for sharing your voice with us on the PBC so we can make sure your voice is represented and heard.

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