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[MEGA TOPIC] Sudden decrease (around 70%) in Reach: Anyone else?

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Hello lovelies!😀

First of all, so glad to see this Business Community coming to life! Excited to see what future holds for all of us!

Now, onto the question! Has anyone experience a SUDDEN and SHARP drop in reach. I'm talking 70-80% in a day.


And it keeps going down! Just in a day I disappeared of all search results for keywords that I have been ranking for.

The traffic is consistently down on all pins and all pages at a very similar percentage:


And the pins


Actually something like this has happened before and customer support has confirmed that I was caught by the spam filters accidentally. It then got fixed. Here is how it looked:

July 17:


It took around a week to bounce right back up after I've been unflagged by the system. Now, I'm being told it's natural ebbs and flows:


Now, has anyone experienced something similar to that? How did you bounce back? I publish new content consistenly and have been publishing more. I also upload videos but their reach has significantly dropped down too (by around the same percentage).

I have now stopped running ads because I feel like my reach is being limited by quite a bit. It doesn't seem to make sense to try to grow brand awareness.

I would love to go back up and continue growing with the community! I would highly appreciate if any of you have any advice!

Love and kisses!🌻



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Well I've been fiddling with my pins. I'd had 2m monthly views which over two months ago sunk down to 779k with the new Pinterest algorithms.

I've been battling with the pins. A few days ago I got to 845k then a few days later I went down to 815k then as of 17.11.20 I went up to 886k!

I create 5 fresh pins a day and repin 20 pins which are all on trend. It is really hard work now to keep up this momentum as I'm constantly checking the weekly trending keywords and figuring a way to use them with my images.

I don't pay for any ads so of course this uphill struggle is down to using trending keywords with relevant hashtags.

It takes a heck of a lot of time to put these pins together using Canva templates. I won't use Tailwind templates in their Create prog as they are not as automatic as they say they are and are fiddly. Their monthly packages are really expensive too when you consider you can use Canva's great templates of which there are many free of charge!

I really feel like I am an employee of Pinterests putting out these fresh pins which could go up or down with the monthly views.

Still accumulating followers daily averaging between 20 to 30 people however if my pins are not getting repinned or people aren't buying it's really a fools paradise!

I'll keep on checking to see if the trending keywords really work over the next week or so and if this is the only way to build the impressions.

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Hmmm, on the eve of 19.11.20, over two days, my monthly views have been bumped up from 886.5k to 959.3k! Heavens don't know what is going on here.

Tailwind although having cleared my pins then revealed I had 36 pins that had been thrown out! Yet my monthly views went up!

Not sure how this has happened. All I can say is that maybe working purely on trending topics may be an answer albeit labour intensive. 

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Wow, this is really disappointing to see.

My account too has dropped by 99%!!!
Some of my latest pins seem to just have disappeared and others have 1 view!

The most disappointing thing is the lack of transparency from Pinterest!

Telling people that everything is normal is a complete joke.

Obviously it’s not.

Interesting as well, that apparently Tailwind seems to be an issue now?

And also horrible to see how many spammy and stolen content gets to rank high!

I‘m so disappointed to read all of this!

Luckily, I don‘t depend on Pinterest alone, so I will stop publishing to the platform as of now.

Sad as it is.

Hope that this will be fixed soon!

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I've had the same problem since August. My monthly views had dropped 90% from 1.2m to 290k now and recently my new pins barely get 100 views. I feel like my new pins aren't showing, I still get a view, like from the other older pins. I sent a few emails and asked to solve the problem but they said they don't know when it's getting back to normal. Not helping at all!!!!!

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