Is the Pinterest Mafia and Being Blacklisted Real?

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For almost a year, I have been struggling with the Pinterest blackhole and trying to understand why this occurs. I came across this article on medium:

In 2016, 1001pallets claims they got blacklisted by the Pinterest Mafia. Again in 2020, they got blacklisted :

1001pallets gets 10+ million monthly views on Pinterest and one day it lost all of its traffic. Pinterest didn't send them any email. Traffic just disappeared. This graph should look familiar to anybody who has lost traffic overnight.


1001 Palettes claims this occurred to their account because the Pinterest Mafia used bots and humans to mark their account as spam. Then the Mafia proceeded to steal their pins and use them to direct traffic to their offers.

On my account, my pins have been deindexed from search, the homefeed, and the related pins surfaces. Instead of showing my pins, Pinterest will happily show stolen pins that have been stolen outright or tweaked slightly. They all lead to affiliate sites or are redirected to a spam site.

Even if my pins are no longer relevant on the platform, how does it make sense that the exact same pins are relevant for spammers. Pinterest shouldn't show any version of them. I'm not relevant anymore but spammers are? How does any of this make sense?

I am so tired of seeing all my pins that I have worked so hard to create all leading to spam for months on end. They all go to Amazon, Target, Walmart, Etsy. Meanwhile on my account I receive zero organic traffic.  The amount of spam Pinterest is showing is heart breaking.

I check the related pins surface and I see spam.

related pins spam.jpg

These pins are all linking to spam:

I check the search surface. Spam. I have to advertise to get my pins show while spammers can use my images and rank organically in search with them.

pinterest spam organically.jpg

I just can't believe the amount of spam that has been created using my account that is appearing on all surfaces on Pinterest including the homefeed, search, and related pins.

All this leads me to believe something nefarious is happening on Pinterest.
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Pinterest is dead!!!


It's just now being cremated.

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I also got suspended from Pinterest because some of my competitors reported my account. And you know what the real scammers are still scamming on Pinterest.

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@thetoybuzzI experienced that too in my other accounts, so basically one pin will be doing well and everything is green in the analytics, then suddenly it will go down and everything will go red! at first, I didn't know what's happening but when I went and search I found my pins show up in the feed, but the links go to Amazon affiliate links !!

Personally I went and report those stolen pins, and I reported the account that stole the pins, but this behavior will never end!

they target the pins that are easy to still, are not branded enough, you need to make sure that your website name is clear enough on your pin designs!

try to reach out to their support team and tell them about this problem

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