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Insane Impressions drops - is this a new Pinterest trend ? Will Anyone In Support Notice !!! I

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So I've noticed rapid impression drops on my pins over the last week. Is this happening for anyone else. For example I do daily pins of inspiring quotes these range from 1.5 to 3K impressions in the last few days this has dropped to 1 - yes you heard me right 1.How is this possible?  Am I in some secret timeout or shadow ban.

I have also dropped from 1 million to 769k overall impressions over the last few months. Again how is this possible?  This type of nonsense contributions to my ongoing frustration with Pinterest and leads me to where I am today, which is why bother with it at all? 

Pinterest is one of those social platforms that require you to churn out new content constantly to make a dent in it - coming up with ideas for 5 to 10 pins a day is no mean feat when you have other things to do. I have hired several freelancers to produce Pinterest pins and you know what, none of them have made any impressions on Pinterest. My own random pins have performed better.

As an experiment, I've created boards on new Pinterest trends and that has got me nowhere. No additional engagement. I have redesigned affiliate marketing strategies endlessly and again got nowhere. 

I have been at fault in some ways. For instance, I used hashtags for a long time in my pins, until my account was accidentally wiped one day a few months ago, then returned to me, and at that point proceeded to spiral downward, due in part to me being over Pinterest. When I finally got to talk to someone in support three days later, they told me not to use hashtags. So I stopped in the hope that now I complied with Pinterest pins strategy, who knows more people might see my pins. 

I have tried for the last 30 minutes to submit a help request  - no go - when I click to describe my problem nothing happens. Then mysteriously under my business hub tab two new items have appeared called Get Started asking me to set up my account - for what? I already have a business account that's connected to my website.

Just wondering is anyone else as frustrated with Pinterest as I am? 


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