Huge Difference in Reported Ad Click and Actual Website Visit. Has anyone experienced this?

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Recently i used Pinterest ads for one of the business. I run ads for couple of days and when i compared the actual visits to my website and reported click in Pinterest analytics , I was shocked to see huge difference .

Reported ad click is 115 and i was charged around 50 USD

But in analytics visits is only 17.

As i paid for visits to my website , pinterest should charge for the actual visits not for fake click.

I reported this issue but i did not satisfied with the answers . Eventually i had to stop my ads because i am losing money.

Note : I only run desktop ads.

Below is the answers i got . Do you agree with it?


Please know that the discrepancies are expected from Pinterest clicks and any other third-party tracking.

This can be because of the one-tap on promoted pins, on the web (both desktop and mobile), when a Pinner clicks a one-tap Promoted Pin, the landing page loads in a different tab so the Pinner can explore the website at their convenience. In the mobile app, when a Pinner taps a one-tap Promoted Pin, the landing page loads below the Pin, and the Pinner can easily scroll down to visit their website.

As one-tap is only available for promoted pins, pinner's might click on the pin to view the image but immediately close the website before even the website loads completely as they wanted to view the image not go to the website.

Also, We expect our click data to be equal to or greater than Google Analytics click data. This is because Pinners must have cookies enabled in order for Google Analytics to track them. However, Pinterest is able to record all events that happen on Pinterest regardless if the Pinner has cookies enabled. Thus, if a Pinner has cookies disabled, Pinterest will count their click once, but Google Analytics will not count their click at all.

Keep in mind we start our 24 hour period on UTC time. See this conversion dashboard to view the corresponding time in your time zone:

Hope this helps clarify! Let me know if you have any other questions.


Thanks for your answers

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Even within Google Adwords and their own measuring system there can be discrepancies.

This doesn't solve you problem, especially when it seems you are being charged for 5 clicks for every actual visitor to your sites.

Perhaps these 12 reasons for the discrepancies may help:

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