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How Does the Spam Algorithm Work?

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I've never seen so much of spam on Pinterest until the "freshness" algorithm was instituted.  You search any popular phrase on Pinterest and spam is ranking. It seems like the freshness algorithm has made it easy as ever for spam to be all over Pinterest. Spammers can generate fresh pins at a rate much higher than actual users.

I was searching for "Easter Basket ideas".
Easter Basket Ideas.jpg

Check out the trending weekly search "Easter Party Games?"

Easter Party Games.jpg

Easter Party Games Spam.jpg

More spam which links to "https: _//" Obviously, it's a spam site not Buzzfeed.

I am not exactly sure how Pinterest's spam algorithm works.  A lot of us are wondering how content gets marked spam on Pinterest. I found this article about "Guardian" on the Pinterest Engineering blog interesting:

Here is a line I found interesting: "To illustrate, this statement in Guardian will populate a counter counting the distinct number of ips flagging a domain as being spam." It looks like Pinterest relies on users from multiple IP addresses reporting something as spam as one of the signals. 

When it comes to spam,  I feel much more work needs to be done in this area. What are your thoughts?

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@ PinterestRenato

Any update on this? Is Pinterest doing anything to reduce the amount of spam on Pinterest? Also, if spammers have stolen your pins in mass can it hurt the original creator?

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