How do Pinterest Story Pins effect impressions and stats?

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I've looked and have seen similar issues but not this specific question...

I made a few story pins and was excited to see them take off immediately, they peak around 8K impressions and then die off quickly. A fellow blogger had a similar experience. At the same time, I have been concentrating on fresh pins almost daily and manual pinning on top of tailwind pinning and tribe activity. I was also excited that my monthly viewers had increased significantly over a few weeks and thought my efforts were really paying off. Like many, my stats have tanked the last 2-3 weeks. I went from almost 200K monthly viewers to 68K and declining every day.  

Could this be because of my story pins?? It's been about. a month since I created one... 

I do have a ticket submitted to see if I am being flagged as spam or if there is another issue with my account. I know others are having similar experiences but I'd love to get some answers or help. 


Thanks in advance for any insight or assistance. 

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Community Manager

Hey @emilyfabulous_blog, welcome to the community! Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us. I was going to recommend filing a ticket with support so they could take a closer look at your account and make sure everything is working as intended. If you haven't heard back from our team, feel free to send over your ticket # so we can make sure your request is being addressed. 👍

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