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Hiding pins from my "created" section?

New member


I have a Pinterest for my brand, but also use it for inspiration, planning birthdays for my triplets, etc. I noticed that my "created" section is viewable to the public, which is showing all the things I've pinned from Instagram or other random sites not actually created by me. This is making my feed look inconsistent and messy.  

I'd like to keep those pins on the boards I made specifically for those sorts of things (home decor inspo, parties, etc), but hide them from my "created" feed. Is there a way to do this? I tried deleting a pin from the created section and it deleted it from the board as well, which is no good. 

Would making all the boards they're pinned to "secret" solve this? I don't mind people seeing my inspo pins, so this would sort of be a bummer. 


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