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Help! My website is been block and mark as spam.

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Recently I found out that my website is been block and mark as spam, and I believe this has lead to my newly created business account been suspended after creating 20 pins leading to the website (different URLs and not using URL shorteners). No warning was given on my business account. I only figure this out about 2 weeks later after trying to create a pin on my personal account.

Currently I'm trying to get my website unblock but I have been getting automated responses so far.

I would like to check with anyone or experts in this community, what would qualify a website as a spam site?

My website is, an online game site for a general audience. Before I create pins for my website, I checked on Pinterest to make sure that my type of content are okay, just to be safe. I found numerous pins that lead to similar sites as mine and I thought everything is good to go:

I'm a long time user of Pinterest but I only started creating pins recently and this is totally new to me. It's so demoralizing. What is it about my website that make Pinterest consider it as spam?

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I am also facing same issue, I am posting my blog URL on Pinterest, But my URL has blocked. You can see here my website URL

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