Help My Pinterest Does Not Recognize my Pin

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Is this just me or does Pinterest not recognize my video pin. I posted and reposted the same pin 4 times. Pinterest did not recognize it. After I posted each time and went to see my pin, a message appeared sorry pin not found. Is Pinterest down? I hope not. I don't have any screenshots to prove this, but I wanted to let you know this is happening. Please help!!! Thank you. Here is my profile @strawcouture @PinterestLucy @PinterestPeter 

The screenshots below prove I made the pin.








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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer

@strawcouture Hey sorry this happened and for the delay to you. It has been a lot of glitches with Pinterest. I know this can be frustrating and no it isn’t you. I am following up to see if you are still experiencing this issues with uploading videos to your Pinterest page.  Below I attached link to help you if you are still having this issue. Continue to visit the Pinterest community forums for updates, questions and concerns.

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