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Help! I was suspended twice for claiming my website and now I can't get my account back.

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Hi, I hope someone in the community can help me out. It has been 2 months and I still can't get this issue resolved.

I have use Pinterest as a personal user for about 7 years but I’m new to Pinterest business account and I’m totally puzzled over the circumstance of my pinterest business account suspension.  

Redepicgames is my first pinterest business account, created in March this year. 

As a start, I had created around 20 pins for this account, and everything is okay at that time. The first suspension happened when I tried to claim my website. I send an appeal and ask what I do wrong since I’m a newbie. In the reply from Pinterest, I was told that the account was suspended by error, and it was reactivated.  

When I tried to claim my website again, I was immediately hit by another suspension. The only thing I did when I got back the account was to claim the website, nothing else, I didn't even pin anything.

Since the two suspension happened when I claimed my website, I did an investigation via my personal account and found that my website was for some unknown reason, mark as spam by Pinterest. I did manage to get my website unblock and in the reply from Pinterest, I was told that my website was blocked in error.

Yet, for the past 2 months, I have tried to get this account back and send over 10 appeals but I kept getting rejected. This is very demoralizing as I'm now trapped in a loop of sending appeals and receiving rejections. It's my first pinterest business account and I don't know what have I done wrong? I was just trying to claim my website. 

I could have move on and create another account, but the problem is the second time when I got the suspension, the website claim was also successful and my website is now locked with this account. 

Can someone help me out?

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Just visiting

I received this reply from Pinterest for my account:

"This is an automated reminder that we've closed your support request. We won't be able to provide any further support regarding your account deactivation. While this may be frustrating, we're doing what we can to keep Pinterest a secure place of inspiration."

Does that mean there's absolutely no way I can get my account back? 

Would someone be able to tell me if my website ( is considered as spam by Pinterest? It's an online gaming website and there are similar sites on Pinterest. Plus Pinterest has unblock my website about a month ago and in its reply, it mention that it was blocked in error. Since that's the case, why can't I get my account back?

The pins in that account are link to different games on my website. For example, one of my pins lead to this URL:

Is there any wrong with that what I pin? When I got my account reactivate after my suspension, the reply I got was that it was suspended by error. So I'm quite confused why I couldn't get back my account?

What exactly did I do wrong?

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