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Grey gradient over Pins

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Hello, I’ve recently started back up with Pinterest and hope to promote some Pins over Thanksgiving. However, I’ve run into a major issue that I’ve been unable to resolve, as follows:

I sell photography on Etsy, and have been pinning directly from my Etsy shop.  For each product on Etsy, I have 6 to 9 additional images (of the same product) that customers can rotate through.  When I look at these Pins on Pinterest, sometimes a Pin will display a group of small circles/dots just beneath the Pin.  These dots represent the additional images I display on Etsy for any given single product.  However, when I click on one of these Pins, the main display image now has a grey gradient applied over it, which looks terrible!  All of the variations also display this same ugly gradient.  What’s even weirder, is this phenomenon is random.  I’ve had it appearing on one image only to later disappear and show up on another image.  I’ve also sometimes been able to get rid of the small circles altogether by refreshing the web page, only to have them reappear later.  I’ve also noticed this on someone else’s Pins, so it seems to be happening to other people.  What can I do to get rid of this ugly grey gradient?  Finally, I have viewed the same problem in both Firefox and Safari.

As of today, I see it happening on only one of my 28 Pins, as seen in the attached screen shots.

Thanks for any info/insights you can offer!



10/19/20 UPDATE: I think a pattern is emerging.  I've noticed there's more than a few inconsistencies when Pins are new, and they seem to change or iron out over time. For example, so far all the Pins I’ve created were made from within my Etsy shop. But when I click on them in Pinterest, some of them have a little blue tab with a “Shop on Etsy” description. Also, not all my pins have the little black lock icon “View Products” displayed.

The image that was experiencing this problem is now back to normal, and has been stable for the past 2 days. However, now I’m noticing the problem on a new Pin I made yesterday. Perhaps, it too will stabilize after a day or so. It seems to only appear on one or two of my new Pins at a time.

The only really disturbing issue is the ugly grey gradient Pinterest places over the image. I’ll give more updates as my Pins gain more online time.  I've attached another image displaying today's problem.


 P.S. I did get a reply from someone in support requesting I send more documentation of the issue.  Unfortunately, I somehow accidentally deleted the e-mail.  If anyone from support is reading this, could you please resend that e-mail or reply in the forum?  Many thanks!


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