Great News for WooCommerce Merchants on Pinterest! 🛍

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Pinterest Pioneer

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Pinterest just announced a new partnership with WooCommerce to automate your product catalog uploads and install your Pinterest Tags! 

The new Pinterest for WooCommerce extension gives more than three million merchants the power to turn their product catalogs into shoppable Product Pins on Pinterest. It’s one more way that Pinterest is becoming easier for merchants to use to build their audience and drive more sales. 

Check out the Business site blog to learn more and download the extension to get started setting up your shop today! 

Happy selling! 🤓📌

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I think this calls for a WooHoo!!!


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Hahaha yes indeed @bodymindmood 😅

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This is great news!  I just completed a manual catalog set up for a client who is now considering switching to WooCommerce.  So this will be MUCH easier!

❤︎ Cali, Pinterest Strategist at The Halcyon Hive
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