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God knows what is happening to Pinterest right now.

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Firstly, let me say. I used to love Pinterest, so much so I put all of my eggs in one basket which was a big mistake because over time my blog hits have dropped dramatically. 

When you have a model that works why change it? It's either money related or there is no thought for the end user what so ever. 

It wouldn't be so bad if Pinterest as a business knew what they were doing but seemingly from reading threads they don't. 

The more recent Pinterest update came without any warning which killed a lot of traffic to business accounts websites. This in my opinion was an unfair move by the company. 

I know as one user, I won't make any difference to the platform but can't anyone begin to give us some warning before major updates? And not only that tell us how to combat the updates.

It's upsetting that my favourite social media platform has changed so dramatically when there was no requirement for this to happen. 

I like many other business accounts are towards moving to other platforms which is a shame because I never considered them before. 

They should relabel Pinterest (Trickletrest) due to the decline in traffic.

Of someone could look at my account and see what is happening, I would love to know.

A loyal but disgruntled user.

Kind regards


Mark Hirst
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Community Manager
Community Manager

@thedadsbible -- Hey Mark, thanks for sharing your experience with us on the Business Community. You, like many others, have expressed issues with traffic/impression drops on the community and we have been making note of all the feedback we've been getting and sharing with our internal teams. While @PinterestJanice and I have no direct influence on actions taken against Pinterest accounts, or are able to make any direct changes to affect your account, we are here to listen, share resources and provide all of this valuable feedback to our teams to review so they can better improve our products. I'd recommend filing a ticket with our support team [this link routes directly to the team that handles these types of requests] so they can dig in and see what's going on. LMK if you have any questions in the meantime, we're here to help and support in any way we can. 

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