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Following count and deactivation reports

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I have just created a new business account and yesterday I connected a Brazilian scheduling tool (MLabs) to my account, but I never ended up using to post anything. Today while creating the pin image on Canva I decided to publish directly from Canva and a few minutes after doing that I got logged out and  received the message that my account has been deactivated. I have only pinned a total of 3 pins and I am certained that I did not infriged any of Pinterest Communuty Guidelines. I am pretty sure that using the third party apps may have caused the robots to detect unusual activity, so I 'd like to ask for the review and reactivation of my account (jaquedwards). I have already clicked on the appeal link I received via email and also have opened a support ticket. You attention on this matter would be greatly appreciated as I am preparing my account to start running ads very soon.

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