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Does it make sense to make pins in your native language for (probably very small) local market?

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Hello there!

So far I have only published pins in English. Because I come from Slovenia, I don't have an advertising option (yet). That is why my main focus is on organic traffic.

Since I would like to switch to the local market, I am interested in where and how can I check if there are enough Pinterest users from my country?

And even if there are few - do they enter keywords in English (out of habit because Pinterest is in English) or do they actually enter keywords in their native language?

I want to know if it’s even worthwhile to invest time and effort into a new profile and new pins - for an audience I don’t know if it’s big enough.

Thanks in advance! 🙂

@PinterestGabby  or someone who knows something about that...? 🙂


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Loves to help

Welcome @milostjerneja

Great question! 

You can look at your Audience Insights

On desktop, click the Analytics drop down found at the top of your Pinterest account. Click on Audience Insights. From there you will be able to see the demographics for age, gender, device, LOCATION and other categories. 

I don't know that you can know for sure what language your local area is using on Pinterest? 


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