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Could my account still be blacklisted in some way?

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When I first started my business account it was almost instantly deactivated by Pinterest's spam filters when I was in the middle of creating a board - it was then reinstated within 12hrs with a brief apology for the mistake.

I've been pinning for over a week and had almost zero impressions and I suspect the 11 followers I have might be bots 😞

I didn't expect to be flooded with activity but I didn't expect to be completely invisible.

My personal account had genuine followers that just built up naturally over time that started almost immediately and even though I hardly pin there anymore I'm still getting repins daily.

Is there something wrong with my business account? Any help greatly appreciated.


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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer


Hi there glad you made it to the PBC!

I read through your post and let me just say that NO you are not doing anything wrong not unlike your Personal Account your Business Account will take time to build up. "If you pin they will come" timing is everything on Pinterest and ensuring that your posting good content on a regular basis will bring you all the Pinterest Love ❤️

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I hope this helps you Lisa.

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