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Convert personal account to business and retain @username

New member

Hi everyone

I run a pet care company and I have just started a Pinterest account to share my personalised pet products.

I accidentally set my personal username to @VIPetSpot but I want this as my business account. Now it is saying it is taken on my business account and I'm like, yes, by me! I'm scared to change my personal account username in case it still comes up as taken when I try to add it to my business profile.

How do I just straight change my personal account to a business account and retain the username?

Thanks so much!

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Loves to help

You have three choices as it is not possible to assign the same username to 2 accounts.

1). Change the name on your personal account (we did see you were concerned).

2). Make your personal account your business account my upgrading it to business. This should be not inconvenient because both accounts are new.

3). Chose a similar, but different name for your business account like VIPPetSpot or VIPetspot1.

If you are able to implement one of these these 3 solutions, please click the accept button below.

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