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Change Image Domain

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I have an issue that I am in dire need to change. I have many images/posts that I have posted over the years and unfortunately, I lost my domain that is associated with the posts. I bought another domain very close to the old one except now all my posts are going to the old domain and a dead page. 

I need to change the old one to the new one but I found that you can't edit it. There must be some kind of way to edit your own domain UR Does anyone have a workaround for this?

I don't have access to the old domain to set up a redirect

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@naplesartist @PinterestGabby Hi there you picked a good place to ask - if I am not mistaken you would have to unclaim your originally domain and then add your new domain. I have tagged our Pinterest Guru and Community Manager Gabby to add to this and I have added a short video of how to unclaim if that is not the issue then definitely file a ticket with support and keep the reference# they provide to you as Gabby will need it to correspond with the Support Team at Pinterest. I really hope this helps you and glad your here Lisa😁

Unclaim Your Domain

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