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catalog datasource updated daily but Pinterest warns about "no changes"

New member

I'm testing the Pinterest catalog feature by manually uploading a new .CSV datasource file every day.

Even if none of the data changes (all our products are in stock, no price changes, etc.) I still upload a new .CSV file daily. But I notice that if the content of the file is identical, Pinterest gives a warning:

"Ingestion completed early because there are no changes to your data source since the last successful update" and then suggests "Update your data source before the next ingestion"

If I make a small change in the file (like add a character somewhere) I don't get this error.

So the question is, what are you supposed to do if your product line stays static day-to-day for the most part? Even if you create a new file for Pinterest to ingest, with a more recent datestamp, Pinterest seems to think if there are no changes in the file contents than it's a stale file and produces a warning.

We lost our "Verified Merchant Status" for a few days earlier this week and I think it might be because of this--although I can't get anyone at Pinterest support to actually tell me why it happened--which makes it pretty hard to take steps to fix the issue!

Thanks for any tips.

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