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Cannot access my pinterest business account

New member

Good Morning,

We have been having an issue since 6may22. Our account was temporarily suspended after we connected our site RSS feed. However after unsuspension we now have 2 accounts and cannot access the original. What do we need to do to get back admin access on our original account? Thank you for any help!

original account

new account


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Pinterest Pioneer
Pinterest Pioneer


Hi there - glad you made it to the PBC!

I read your post and I have posted a link below where you can find some possible solutions to the issue you are having. 

Pinterest Help

I was wondering have you tried resetting your password? I see you have two accounts - you will need to try and gain access on the main (1st) account using your email or login (Google | Facebook | Apple) and from there you should be able to reset your password. If you are still having problems you can contact Pinterest Support directly from the PBC by clicking Resources than Support where you can file a claim or ask for assistance.

I know that this process can be frustrating but if you can troubleshoot smaller things on your end it may help Pinterest to assist you quicker. 

Please let me know if you were able to get back into your account.


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